I’m scared, I should be.

Scared they won’t understand

the reason for the smile on my face.


I shed tears, I should cry.

Cry at the joy of finding my true friends,

those that stood by me.


I weep, I should

for the ones I lost,

the ones I thought were friends.


My mirror now projects a different image;

a shadow of what I use to be.

I now have less than I use to have

but I tell you,

I have more than I thought I had.


For in the eyes of these less,

I see the love that keeps me warm,

the strength to move on,

the encouragement to keep praying

and the assurance that all is well.

I can still see in my eyes

the strength to carry on,

the hope of a better tomorrow.


So although the days are dark,

this darkness has silver linings.

For I have been given the strength

to keep fighting till the battle is won.


Through the chemo,

the clumps of hair on my pillow,

bald patches and lost nipple,

intense illness,

I’ll keep fighting.


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