Even though there is still a dark cloud hovering over conversations about sex, there had always been the notion of the 2Ps attached to women’s first time – the pain and the pleasure. For some, it was a smooth pain free transition from being a virgin to finally eating the forbidden fruit but for most it is a strange combination of pain (of tearing through the hymen) and pleasure (of an orgasm.)

My first time was a perfect moment written in bright colours on the midnight sky.  It was in the balcony, on a cool windy full moon night. There was pain, blood, cum, pleasure and four set of unexpected witnesses. We started with a gentle kiss- a long one. Lips locked, we struggled out of our cloths. The throb between my legs seemed to be competing with my heartbeat while he pulled my tongue in, our teeth clashed. I shook as one hand found its way to the throb between my legs and the other caressed my nipple, sending sparks down my spine. Two fingers went inside me as blood rushed to my head. I could hear him whisper

“Your pussy is so tight and juicy”

“I want you” I heard myself say. The fingers seemed to be everywhere inside me, I  craved for more.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, please” I begged, opening my legs wider and thrusting my hips towards him.

He pulled me on top, held my waist to him with one hand and guided his manhood to the opening of my wet vagina. He raised his hips and I froze for a second. I gasped for air, it seemed his dick knocked the wind out of me. I could feel the sting of tears in my eyes before letting out a scream. I struggled to pull away but he held down my waist.

“Shhhh be strong love,” he whispered in my ears and then moved on to suck my breast.

The sharp pain had reduced to the uncomfortable feeling you get when you just finish dropping a big dump.

“Are you ready?” he whispered on his way to my left breast.

I nodded, steeling myself for the pain.

“Relax” he said as he started to move his hips up and down.

I felt sore but this time, the pain came with some pleasure. Within minutes, the pleasure had over ridden the pain. I could hear myself moan as he plunged deeper and faster. My head felt light, I held on to him screaming for more. For a moment, it seemed like he hit a fast-forward button on the throb between my legs as thousand fireworks rushed into the spot and all the muscles in my belly seemed to contrast. I shook and screamed as he plunged deeper with every thrust.

Then it was over and a sweet sleep came over me as I lay my head on his bare chest. We woke up to a bloody bed and four witness; our parent. In all I can say the norm of the 2Ps is true; the night I lost my innocence was that of painful pleasure in the dance of the waist and the tearing of the tissue.



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