In the early19th century, women were described as religious, pure, and submissive. During this time, the society placed them on a certain pedestal and they are obliged to remain pure and chaste; a woman’s virginity is one subject that held a very high place in most African cultures. Among other repercussions for the loss of virginity before marriage are, social rejection, excommunication from family, a bleak future… Faced with this dilemma, it is obvious that the subject of virginity is very delicate.

The Virginity Concept

People of long ago required a woman to preserve her innocence until after she found the right man to marry. They regarded it as her treasure, and she had to protect it at all times. Even an assault should not lead her to giving herself in and she must not give it to the wrong person. She must in all her power, resist any temptation that would lead to the loss of this treasure.

In the middle ages, a woman is still a virgin if her hymen is intact. The hymen is the tissue or membrane located around the vagina. Once the hymen is torn or stretched, the woman is no longer regarded as a virgin any. In most cultures a high consideration is placed on a woman’s hymen as the sole indicator of her sexual purity.

Breaking the Hymen

Hymens are relatively soft tissues and other activities other than sexual intercourse can break them. Women’s hymen are different in shape and size even some women are born without hymen. Some have it either too thin or too thick that it covers the whole vagina.

One of the popular hymen breaking activities is horseback riding. If you horseback a lot then chances are, your hymen could have been broken which is the reason why, for a long time, only men were allowed to ride women were supposed to use carriages. Certain sports like gymnastics and high jump can also damage the hymen.  Gymnasts perform as if their bones are made of jelly with all those muscles stretched out, it is understandable for the hymen to be as well.

The use of tampon can also damage the hymen. Tampon is made of absorbent material, but is pressed tight into a small cylinder shape. It works from inside the vagina as opposed to pads.Many girls start out using pads, but might want to use tampons when they do sports or go swimming.

Several medical procedures can also tear the hymen. Pap smear is one, and so does other procedures that require an instrument inserted through a woman’s vagina. If you have undergone such a treatment, hymen ripping is a possibility.

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