True, I can’t see

but I tell you, I can hear what you can’t.

True, she can’t hear

but her eyes are sharper than yours.

True, his words slurs

but he can figure out the sums faster than you.

True I walk with a limp

but my mind race faster than yours.

True, I was born different

but aren’t we all.


Some get extension,

others get weave-on.

Some get sew-in,

others get clip-on.

Both are different

but equal in purpose.

I’m different to you

but we are equal.


With every part of me you call – Limitation.

Is replaced with a part I call – Possibilities.

For every mile I can not go – Is compensated for,

by the quality of meters I have gone.


So don’t look at me like

I’m not a force to reckon with.

Don’t stare at me like

I am a thing of wonder.

Don’t laugh at me

like I’m an animal in extinct.

Don’t pity me

like I’m a poor soul.


For it takes strength to be me.

It takes strength to be different.

It takes strength to be challenged.

It takes strength to be limited.

So this is the time I would say

ignore the truth, look at the but

and don’t look, stare, laugh or pity.

Just accept, love, care for,

help and encourage me

to be the true and the best me.

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