Dear Santa Claus,

Dear Santa,

I used to write to you before

but somehow the burden of growing up

choked the believe in you.


Now looking at my New Year list

I realise it looks so much like

The list in the letters I last wrote to you.


Dear Santa my list has matured

My list is different now

but still the same –

the same, just different.

The toy moving train in the old list

has somehow become a Lamborghini Aventador.

The bride and groom doll

to play pretend wedding with.

has become a partner

to wed and live with.


It must be the work of the aging fairy

for I slept with the list under my pillow

one Christmas eve and when I woke

I was 40 years old with a list that

looks different but the same.


May be I’ll just post it to God.

I’ll let him give you the ones that can fit in your bag

while I send off the loan application to the bank

and my CV to those offices.

I’ll hold off contacting the wedding planner

Till I get a confirmation of the bride/groom.


Your friend

The Grown Child


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