There is something about the dark that makes you reach out and explore. Life itself is a composition of dark times and happy days but the best days are moments after the dark times. The moments you feel the rush of relieve and start to see things in a new light. Darkness is associated with not seeing and seeing is to most people, the most important sense. However if the closest thing to seeing is feeling, then we can say that to feel better you have to shut down the sense of sight.

Why then would we wonder why people close their eyes when kissing? The many distractions to the eyes are enough to prevent you from feeling the full impact of a kiss. You already have distractions in your mind that you have to block out and let go; adding that of sight is not advisable. As I once heard if you are kissing and your partner leaves his or her eyes open then He or She is sure not that into you.

Shutting out the light in an alley would force you to feel with your hand in order to move forward. A good kisser explore with the tongue, finding ways to caress every nook and cranny of the mouth. How much you can explore is what makes you a great kisser but it all start with shutting your eyes.



In my darkness,
my eyes shut.
I am a bird of colour

In my light
coming out of the shadow
I am a bird of colour

Before I could speak
You put me in a box

Before I could learn
You put me in a box

Before I could feel
You put me in a box

Before I find myself
you placed me in a closet

Every day the walls grew thicker
They burn like marshmallows at a campfire.

So I flew to a land without walls
With trees that drift with the wind.

I had to prove that I am a bird with a colour
from the rainbow and I sing with a gentle touch.

I still stammer when I tell my story of flying
with other birds over mountains of forbidden ecstasy.

But I am learning to speak
And every day my words get clearer.

Although I was put in a closet before
I knew me, I am learning to be me.

Open and free,
Free to love.


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