Is it because you’ve been blinded with my kinds?

I mean copies of me.

The copies of me that wear as little as they can

to attract you and make you think

with muscles other that your brain,

body parts other than your heart.


Is it because you are confused

and trained to destroy everything that comes your path?

Is it because you’ve been taught

to believe you have to conquer

as many women as possible,

to be seen as potent,

to be treated as A MAN?


I must confess

I’ve also been lost.

Tired of waiting for you,

I ventured on the wrong path –

The path that led me to cover

all the virtues that I was taught to hold,

to hold sacred for you

The path that transformed my name

from Ruth to Jezebel.

I have been wounded, broken,

eaten and spat out

by copies of you.


Now all I want is

to wake up in your arms

to feel your lips on my cheek

saying good morning.

So, do hurry and find me.


For my heart is weary,

my bed is getting colder

and the days are

Unbearably longer.

Start from DEAR HUSBAND 1


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