Part 2

Girlfriend/Boyfriend should be friends who may or may not have sex but have the commitment of a relationship and the willingness to go further.

  • This is the title most girls fight to get and most guys tend to withhold.
  • It does give you a lot more power than friends with benefit do.
  • It gives you the opportunity to meet families and friends and be introduced as girlfriend.
  • It allows you to use pet names.
  • It gives you a full right to be emotionally involved, which means the word LOVE is an absolute necessity.
  • This title requires you to know when to be totally blunt and honest and when to be sweet and leave the criticism to your partner’s mother.
  • Its gives you opportunity to make love as well have sex.
  • This title gives you a right to know intimate details about your partner.
  • This gives you a right to advice and demand change.
  • It puts your heart on the table where it can be broken.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be your partner’s only sex partner.
  • This gives you the right to play dress up and go out on dates in restaurants and cinemas and other fun places.
  • The title comes with the responsibilities of remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important events in your partner’s life.

This title has 80% chances of transforming you into the fairy creature called Fiancé/fiancée

Fiancé/fiancée should be friends who may or may not have sex but have the plan to become a creature called husband/wife.

  • This is an upgrade of the girl/boyfriend title, the title you get if you are lucky enough not to get a heart break.
  • It’s the title that most ladies dream of and most men dread.
  • It gives you all the benefits of the girl/boyfriend and more.
  • It includes the right to move in with your partner or make his/her house a second home.
  • It gives you the right to go house hunting with your partner.
  • It gives you the opportunity to make joint investment with your him/her.
  • It gives you the disadvantage of completely baring out your heart and probably your finances.
  • It gives you the rare opportunity of popping in to visit your partner’s family and developing a relationship with them.
  • This title is the one that provides you with a tiny round thing called engagement ring. It is sometimes silver or gold, with a little precious stone like diamond on it.
  • It’s the title before the peak.

This title has 95% chances of changing you into the beloved fairy character called wife/husband.


  • This title finally gets the nagging mothers, the nosy uncles and aunties off your back.
  • It gives you a partner to discuss and share opinions with.
  • It gives a dairy to record every aspect of your life in.
  • This title takes you to the peak of the relationship journey.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be exposed to another level of heart breaks (divorce, cheating husband/wife).
  • It gives you all the rights of a fiancé/fiancée.
  • This gives you the opportunity to own all your partner has in case death does you part. However if divorce does you part, the size of you share may be determined by many factors like how brutal your lawyer is.
  • This gets you a second ring to add to the one you got as a fiancé/fiancée and a special person to annoy you for the rest of your life.

This title gives you 100% reason to make love or have sex without protection: the opportunity to legitimately make a life (babies) with your partner. it also has a 200% of transforming you into a (….)mother, (….)wife, (….)father, (….)husband.

* Fill in what ever you want where you see this (….). I’ll give you some ideas, how about: nagging, nice, terrible, terrific, loving, laughable; humm, so many choice of words.




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