Part 1

I love talking to people, seeing the world through their eyes and experiencing what it feels like to be them for the brief minutes of our interactions. I can tell you this; I base many of my writings on my views as well as other people’s views. When I think of a situation, I go out to learn what others think about such situation. Trust me; I have met a number of strongly opinionated individuals. Hum, lovely times <wink wink>

However, feelings run high when it comes to sex, gender equality and relationship. They certainly did at my last discussion about relationship titles. Imagine me defending women’s honour in a room filled with men who love their booty call list intact, not a pretty sight.

So far, I’ve learnt most ladies are in favour of the commitment titles like girlfriend, fiancé, wife while most men tend to prefer the sex titles like sex/fuck buddy, friend with benefits… All these titles can be the genesis to the peak although some titles are nearer the peak than others but there is always variations and out-of-the-ordinary situations challenging that notion.

One dazzling young man asked me; why do women like to put a tag on things, just go with the flow.

My answer; going with the flow has broken many hearts. I told him a title is like a job description, it tells you what to expect, sets boundaries and serves as a shock absorber for heart breaks. For instance:

Sex /fuck buddies are just there for sex and have no right to ask questions about their partner’s

  • They are sex partner to whom you have no special attachment.
  • A person you occasionally have sex with. This title can start from a one-night stand.
  • This title gives you no liberty to ask questions or be emotionally involved therefore words like love are totally inappropriate.
  • This relationship offer no special dinner on Valentine’s Day or introduction to friends and families.
  • It simply offers great fuck; if the sex is not great, there is no point in staying on.
  • This title liberates you from having sex with only one partner, having to do their laundry or trying to sleep through their snore.

This title has 10% chance of moving up the ladder to friend with benefits.

Friends with benefits are friends you have sex with, without the commitment of a relationship.

  • Most friends with benefits start out as ordinary friends but later add sex to the equation.
  • A friend with benefit title is higher than a sex buddy title.
  • This title gives you some sort of right to question your partner’s personal life.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be emotionally involved but not clingy.
  • It gives you the right to advice but not demand change.
  • It does not give you the opportunity to expect to be your partner’s only sexual partner but gives you the opportunity to know the others.
  • This title allows you to be introduced to friends and families as “friend- the first part of your actual title”

This title has 40% chance of moving up the ladder to Girlfriend/Boyfriend

You can find more rules to Friends with Benefits in the link below.

more of other titles in Relationship Titles – Part 2


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