I love weddings: the provocatively dressed single husband-searching ladies, the flirty handsome suited young men, the jealous chief bridesmaid, the slutty bridesmaids and the horny grooms men is a sight to adore.

The elegantly dressed mother of the bride, the confident mother of the groom, the strong father of the groom and the proud father of the bride among all manner of free loaders and specially invited guest is a delight.

It is however worth noting that the wedding is simply the peak of a long journey that starting at the search or sight station, passed through the relationship valley, flew pass the courtship mountain, branched at the proposal milestone before finally resting at the marriage destination.

I call weddings “a peak of a long journey” and not bus stops because it is the beginning of new journeys but not the end of the old ones. Think of it as an express road now transformed to a one-way road; the road still exist for the same purposes but it now has new rules and procedures for it usage.

Let us talk about the genesis, shall we? The stereotype view of the genesis of a relationship is embedded in the lines below.

Boy ask girl, girls says yes.

Boy gets the boyfriend title,

girl gets the girlfriend title

and all is set. The birth of a journey


More on the genesis in Relationship Titles.


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