Tough times never last!


Yes, they seem to last forever when they are around but they don’t.  If you are tough, take the situation by the horns and face it straight on.

Heavyweight champion

See, being a tough person in the face of tough times does not mean registering in the gym and building up your muscles, unless your tough time is a loss of the Heavyweight Champion Belt.  Being tough means logically thinking of the tough time and finding a way to adapt to it until it passes. The truth is, it would pass or become worse. If it passes then you are in for a big relief. If it becomes worse, then the lesson you have learnt in the earlier days would have made you strong enough to fight whatever is coming to you.

Now there are no two situations alike as there are no two people alike, so I can not simply tell you how to become a tough person. What to do to be a tough person depends on your tough time, your personality and your environment among other things. I will tell you what others have done in some situations but you have to personally find your way. The process of finding your individual path is one of the elements that would make you tough. Many people will give you advice, listen, but let your plan of action be custom-made for you. Remember one man’s meat is another man’s poison; what worked for your best friend may harden your own tough time.

So if your tough time is a lost job, search for a new one.

  • Think of the next stage you want to be in your career and aim for it; never settle for less. Aiming for the next stage, means taking your time to do what is necessary.
  • Talk to professional, do courses, write exams, do whatever it takes to move higher. Trust me; higher up the ladder is not as crowed as where you’ve been removed from.

            Some time you can do it all right and the situation still gets worse which means you may still not be able to find a job after a year of personal improvement. In this case, maybe you should employ yourself. Yeah, you are good enough; people are just not seeing it. However, make sure what you are aiming for is what you really want. I have seen HR professionals lose their jobs, search for jobs for years without luck only to become professional writer, HR consultants and what-have-you. A lost job may be a time to work on your talent and be the best of you. I tell you, talent pays not just with fulfilment but also money and recognition.

If your tough time is a failed exam, don’t worry. Remember that saying about failure being a discovery of how not to do things. It doesn’t mean you are dumb, it means you need a new approach to reading and writing.

  • Take a critical look at your feedback sheet if you got one, find out what the marker said was wrong and work on it.
  • Practice in exam mode; get professionals in the field to read your mock exam answers.
  • Read wider, too much information has never hurt; it would simply give you a wider perspective.

Pitch-black Tunnel

Whatever your tough time is, love; don’t ever give up or look down on yourself. As humans, we face numerous ups and downs in life, the fact that you have a down now means there is an up around the corner. As long as you live, you’ll walk through pitch-black tunnels but there is always light at the end of each one.

Never give in to negative thoughts; tough people stay strong with positive thinking. This does not mean ignoring the problem at hand; it means believing in a way out and seeing a better future. Negative thoughts counter your productivity; it takes away your ability to fight your demons. Positive thoughts are what gives you the boost needed to deal with tough times. We are, after all, what we think; think tough and you will be a strong pole.

Have faith in a higher power. Having faith in a higher power gives you the assurance that there is a big brother watching out for you. You only have to look around to know there is a higher force in place.

Pray if you are the religious one; God is good and all things do happen for a purpose. Pray that he shows you the reason behind your tough time.

If you are not the religious type, then believe that there is a higher power in your favour; I won’t want the power against me, neither do you.  It is a reasonable choice as research has soon a significant relationship between positive/faith based thinking and health, success in life, fulfilment, and greater career happiness.

Weak or Tough – Your choice

 The choice is always yours; to be tough and out live your tough times or be weak and be overshadowed by it. Always remember that the decision to be great is with you and within you. Tough times become stepping-stones or obstacles, depending on your thinking and actions. I know you are one of the tough ones. In fact, you are one of the toughest people I know, you just need to believe it and act towards it today.  

I wish you good speed on your way to the top.


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